Flotation System for DJI Phantom 3

Video - Flight Test

Open water.

One of the most alluring places to fly your Phantom to get awesome video and photos.   But water is also the final resting place of many DJI Phantoms and other drones.  Power failures, bird strikes, unexpected headwinds and battery depletion are the major causes of "Lost at Sea Phantoms".

AeroStarEngineering.com introduces a solution.

This new. ready to fly Phantom flotation system can help reduce the fear of open water flying.

Our Ready to Fly (RTF) flotation system was designed to be super easy and quick to install and remove.  It attaches to your Phantom in just seconds utilizing convenient and quick retainer pins and provides more than enough buoyancy to keep your Phantom on TOP of the surface of the water where you can retrieve it.

Typical time to install and remove the float system is 30 seconds or less.

We've tested our system and it will float up to 2,250 grams.   The Phantom 3 weighs in at only 1,500 grams so this flotation system will easily float your Phantom 3 plus any equipment you can load on it and still get airborne.

The system utilizes common swimming pool noodles because of their light weight and reliability and comes with bright signal yellow floats to assist in locating your Phantom.  Optionally, you can replace the floats with any color float of your choice as long as it is 2.5 inches in diameter and solid core.

What makes our system unique is the attaching system which allows you to remove and install the floats in seconds and the aerodynamic nose cones.   The float system bases are specially designed to cup the landing gear and securely attach the floats while allowing super quick installation and removal.  Two easy to insert pins attach the floats to the Phantom in seconds.

Total weight of the system is only 43 grams.   Our specially made nose cones are designed to minimize wind resistance to extend your "get back home" range.  In our tests, the Phantom 3 achieved a 15% gain in airspeed and reduced power consumption in strong headwinds (vs without them) which allows the Phantom to cover more ground in less time and overcome stronger headwinds than using floats without nose cones.

In flight, the flotation has a slight foot-print in photos and video.   See last photo.  The floats can be adjusted slightly to the rear to reduce or eliminate this footprint but forward flotation stability may be compromised slightly.  However, small footprint of floats vs Phantom on the bottom of the lake.......obvious choice, wouldn't you agree?

While our flotation system is designed to keep your Phantom from sinking to the bottom, our flotation system was designed with one goal in mind, to allow you to recover your bird from an accidental water landing or crash so that you can recover your SD card and pursue warranty options.

It is not designed to offer, or capable of providing, a guarantee that your Phantom will stay dry or remain floating.   It is designed only to increase the chances of a recovery of your Phantom, in a working or non working condition.   Thus allowing you to recover the SD card, any still working components and to provide evidence for warranty claims.

In case of a low battery, fail-safe controlled landing, this system is capable of keeping your Phantom safely upright and out of the water (depending on water conditions), however rough seas, winds and/or turbulent water can cause the Phantom to tip even when this flotation system is properly installed.

Important Note: Color of Locking pins may vary but they will all be the same color and either Red, Black or White.  We are always improving our products and this flotation system is constantly undergoing updates, revisions and improvements.  Be aware that there could be some slight differences from the current version to the photos posted.   Usually these changes are very subtle and very hard to see visually.  We try to keep the photos updated but sometimes it lags a bit.   Generally, the kit will look the same but if you are concerned, please contact us BEFORE purchasing.  Your purchase acknowledges you have read and agree to this.

Kit Contents

2 x Signal Yellow High Visibility Floats

2 x Aerodynamic Nose Cones

8 x Tie Wraps

2 x Phantom 3 Leg Attachment Assemblies w/ Retainer Pins

1 x Instructions

1 Year Warranty on the above parts excluding floats and tie wraps

Design may vary as updates to the system are made

Legal Disclaimer:

AeroStarEngineering warrants it's flotation system to be free of manufacturing defects.   However, no guarantee or promise is made that this flotation system can or will prevent damage to your Phantom or any RC model.  Crashes are unpredictable and there are too many variables.   In case of your loss, our ONLY remedy is the replacement of parts of our flotation system found to be defective.  Under no circumstances will we accept liability for ANY direct, indirect or consequential loss or damages related to any aerial vehicle or model.   Use at your own risk.  Your use of this product acknowledges this agreement.  A copy of this disclaimer is included with every shipped flotation system.

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DJI Phantom 3 Flotation System

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