Turns your fragile, delicate and wires exposed Arduino Sensor project into a neat and organized, compact and rugged complete enclosed assembly.

Convenience box allows the safe containment of an Arduino, Sensor(s) and ESP8266 wireless module for deployment in areas where it is best to protect the wires and electronics from accidental damage and to neatly keep the components organized.

The enclosure features a bottom section for mounting the Arduino board and a top section for ventilation and connections.

The ESP8266 in the configuration in the photos is not rigidly mounted, but instead lies on the outside of the enclosure for optimum WiFi transmission and reception.   The Enclosure can be situated so that the WiFi module faces the Wireless router or Access Point for best reception.

Air vents allow cross circulation to ensure accurate readings when using a DHT11 or DHT22 (or other) temperature and humidity sensors.

A Mini breadboard will conveniently fit inside for connecting components.

This is a very convenient way to deploy Arduino UNO based sensors while keeping your assembly neat, organized and safe.

The box measurements are

54.07mm height  (3.28")

68.00mm Width (2.68")

83.37mm Length (3.28")

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Arduino UNO Sensor Convenience Enclosure

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