Pro Filament Alarm
Professional 3D Printer Filament Alarm

AeroStarEngineering has created the ULTIMATE 3D Printer Filament Alarm for monitoring when your filament spool runs out of filament allowing you to pause your print or add more filament.

Our unique filament monitor is precision crafted to provide years of reliable use. Unlike any other filament monitor on the market,
only this filament monitor features are fully rotating filament section to provide both VERTICAL AND HORIZONTAL alignment of the filament
making it super concenient to mount your alarm in any position for optimal filment feeding.

This filament monitor also features a super easy and quick filement size adjustment. By removing one screw, you simply pull out the stationary bearing cartridge, turn it the other way, reinserty it, replace the retainer and screw and you're back in business.

We've spent hundrteds of hours in the design of this filament monitor so that you can spend only seconds putting it to work for you!

Features and Benefits
  • Works with both 1.75mm and 3.00mm filmanents
  • Adjustable filament guide allows Vertical OR Horizontal mounting for super flexibility and convenience
  • Super Loud - 85db Piezo electric horn that grabs your attention even if out of the room
  • Powered by one A23 battery for Super Long Life and super easy battery changes
  • Convenient "Pull n Flip" filament size selector makes filament size changes quick and easy
  • Brass threaded screw inserts for critical components make our filament alarm more durable and reliable
  • Made of Durable plastic
  • Full One Year Warranty

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Pro Filament Alarm

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