The World's only device specifically designed to help reduce the chances of accidental damage to your SEEK Thermal Compact cell phone camera.*

(*Please read our liability waiver below)

The Problem:

Your SEEK Thermal Camera was a costly investment. 

The SEEK Thermal Compact Camera is Intolerant of shock and is easily damaged

If you drop your phone while the Camera is attached, it's practically guaranteed to damage the camera

Even if you do not drop your phone, the Camera can slip out of the USB port and fall to the ground.

A Potential Solution:

AeroStarEngineering has developed a specialty cradle and harnessing system to help reduce the chances of accidentally dropping your phone or having the Camera accidentally detach from the camera.

We designed a specialty clamp appliance that attaches to any cellular phone and provides a double reinforced Wrist Strap to help prevent accidentally dropping your phone while using the SEEK Thermal Camera.

It works with most cellphones from 70mm up to 90mm or 3.5 inches in width and up to 13mm thick including any protective case.

Works with or without a Cell Phone Protective Shell.  In most cases, the SEEK Thermal Compact Camera will be connected to your cell phone with no protective case on the cell phone because the USB port on the SEEK Thermal Camera is too short to reach the phones USB port.

There are two pieces included.  The Phone cradle and the SEEK Thermal Camera cradle.   The larger, Cell Phone cradle uses a spring loaded appliance to hold your cellphone and has two wrist lanyards to help prevent accidentally dropping your phone while taking thermal images.   A second cradle attaches to the SEEK Thermal Camera itself and has it;s own lanyard that attaches back to the main lanyard.   This helps prevent accidentally dropping the SEEK Thermal Camera in case for any reason the Thermal Camera is disodged from the USB port.

In addition, the Cradle provides a MUCH better feel while holding the phone and Camera vs holding the phone without it.   It provide a secure footing for your fingers and a more comfortable position for holding the camera that will provide a more steady and less fatiguing posture while capturing Thermal Images with your SEEK Thermal Camera.

Triple Wrist Lanyards help increase the odds that you won't drop your phone or the SEEK Thermal Camera.   Double lanyards attach to the Cellphone appliance while one attaches to the SEEK Thermal camera itself.  You'd have to work hard to drop the camera with triple safety lanyards.

Works with SEEK Compact, SEEK Compact XR and SEEK Compact PRO


The SEEKProtector may come in All Silver, All Black or All White, some parts Red or combinations of these colors.    If you require a specific SOLID color for the entire unit, please include that with your order.  We'll do our best to accommodate you when possible.  If we can't, we'll advise before shipping.  There may be a $5.00 fee to specify colors.

Liability Waiver (We Really can't be responsible for damage)

* AeroStarEngineering does not claim that this device is guaranteed to protect your Camera from fall or damage.  It is designed only to REDUCE the chances of dropping your cellphone and subsequent camera damage.   It is entirely possible for your phone and thermal imaging device to fall and become damaged even while properly using this appliance.   AeroStarEngineering accepts NO LIABILITY whatsoever from your use of this product.   If you do not agree to these terms please do not purchase this product, if you have already purchased it discontinue use of the product and return it within 15 days of purchase, undamaged,  for a full refund.  Return shipping costs are your responsibility.   Misuse of this product or failure to periodically inspect it may result in failure.   Before placing in service, please apply slight pressure to the claw legs before use to ensure they are secure.  Before placing in service, also apply slight pressure periodically to the Lanyards to ensure they will hold the weight of your cellphone and camera.  Also ensure the claws are securely positioned on the phone and that the appliance is centered on your phone.  This appliance cannot prevent your phone from falling in every situation so please keep that in mind.    Should your phone fall or your cellphone or thermal imaging device get damaged in any way while this appliance is in use, AeroStarEngineering's only remedy is to repair or replace our product for 1 year after purchase.   Regardless of your use of this product, you alone are still responsible for any damage to any device you connect to this appliance and any thermal imaging device attached.   In no circumstances do we accept liability for any damages to your cellphone or thermal camera.  We maintain that you dropping your phone can damage your phone and camera regardless of your use of our appliance and that our appliance merely offered a last resort CHANCE that your phone and camera might be prevented from completing the drop from your hands.  Our appliance could fail at any time so please be careful not to drop your phone.
If you require 100% certainty that your cellphone and camera cannot fall from your hands, please seek alternative safety devices and please do not use this product.

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SEEK Thermal Compact Safety Guard

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