This unique Alarm System will help keep your expensive investment from disappearing.

Your Paramotor is expensive.  And because it is not registered like a boat or car, once stolen cannot be tracked.   In minutes, your Paramotor can vanish without a trace.

Now you can add a layer of protection.   Our Paramotor Alarm System mounts anywhere on your Paramotor, concealed or not, and wraps your Paramotor in a layer of security starting with an adjustable Microwave Radar Perimeter that can extend up to 10 feet from your paramotor.   Utilizing the FM radio band, once set, if anyone comes within the preset distance, you will instantly be alerted by your remote pager up to 1/2 mile away and even through concrete walls and steel siding, giving you valuable seconds to thwart thieves and vandals.

This remarkable alarm also has shock sensing so in addition to the Microwave protction, you also get vibration and shock protection.

So whether you're traveling cross country, just made a quick stop for gas or ANY time your Paramotor is not within visual range, this will help keep your investment safe.

It is fully self contained and weighs only 4 lbs.

Simply arm the system with your Remote from up to 1/2 mile away and the system creates a microwave perimeter around your Paramotor so that would be thieves are detected even before they can touch your expensive aircraft.

You are then alerted up to 1/2 mile away via remote pager that alerts you.

Mount underneath your seat, behind the seat, on the frame or in a travel bag.   Remember, the alarm will trigger when anyone gets within the preset range of your paramotor so even if the alarm is in plain view, it will still alert you before thieves can touch it.

When ordering, you can choose from 2 battery types (INCLUDED).   Select either a high capacity, Lithium Battery (2200mAh) or a NiMh 1000mAh battery.

Includes complete, easy to install system and 12v rechargeable battery.  Charger Optional.

100% satisfaction Guaranteed or simply return a full refund.  Shipping costs are not refundable.  1 year warranty and free tech support.


Width 4.5" x Length 7.75" Height 3" (118mm x 200mm x 77mm)

Weight 2 lbs (900 grams)

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NEW!! Paramotor Security Paging Alarm System

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